WordPress specialists based in Nottingham

We love WordPress, and so does a whopping 25% of the internet powering over 76,000,000 websites – making it the most used content management system on the planet.

By building all our websites on WordPress it makes life easy for you. It completely removes the old fashioned method of contacting a web developer to edit the code everytime you need something updated on your website. It makes that job as easy as posted a status on Facebook.

WordPress provides constant updates, plugins and security measures to make the possibilities endless and make sure it’s constantly following the newest trends.

I’m not tech savvy!

Don’t worry! WordPress has a huge community that all help each other out meaning there is hundreds of indepth guides and thousands of additional plugins that are free to use.

We can also run through WordPress with you to make sure everything is working correctly and you understand the system. Don’t feel scared by it, it is simply there to help you and make your website easier to update.

If you want to change the price of a product, create a blog post, edit some oudated information – that’s what WordPress is for.

Troubleshooting Community

Even Web Developers need help. One of WordPress’ biggest selling points is it’s huge community of active users and developers.

It has well maintained support forums which contains millions of queries and solutions to troubleshoot problems. If you have a problem with WordPress – somebody else has probably found it first!