Quick, reliable and UK based Web Hosting

When you choose Trent Digital to build you a website, you have the option for your website to be fully hosted on secure UK based servers. For a monthly (or annual) fee, we can provide quick website speeds for your website.

We take care of all the security updates and make sure all the plugins and software that keep your website running is up-to-date.

Website Maintenance

You can take away the hassle of managing and running your website with our website maintenance. We can take care of all the updates of security, plugins and software, making sure they are all up to date. Adding new pages, editing information or completely removing something – we can do all of this for you.

Unlike most other digital agencies, if you choose to have website maintenance with Trent Digital, we won’t charge a monthly fee, we simply charge an hourly rate.

Sometimes your website may go untouched for a long period of time, and it is just wasted money for you to be paying a maintenance fee for this. That’s why we don’t want to charge you monthly, and will charge an hourly rate for work we do, making sure you get value for money.