Web Design Process

Building websites isn’t just as simple as getting information and throwing it on a web page. We like to work in a specific way that is easy for everybody involved and delivers the best possible end product. If you would like to discuss the process with us, get in touch and we will be happy to talk in more detail about it.

01. Research

Once you have decided you want to start a project with us, we give you a short design questionnaire. The questionnaire allows us to understand the goals of your website and who the website will be targeted at.


  • Understanding the goals of your website
  • Researching your industry and your target market
Web Design Wireframe

02. Planning

We will start to paint the picture of how your website is going to act. This includes developing the skeleton of the website, a series of drawings and wireframes to decide what goes where on your website.


  • Building a sitemap
  • Structure of the website pages
  • Wireframe

03. Design

We get to work to master the look of your website. We use all the information we have already gathered and build a mock-up of your website.

This part involves you. We wan’t you to be satisfied with how the website is going to look and act, so we wait until you are happy with the design to sign it off.


  • Styleguides
  • Visual representation of the website
WordPress Admin Panel
Web Design Content

04. Content

The skeleton and look of your website has been build – now we need the filling. We need you to provide the words and pictures for the pages. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any before starting, we will talk with you about the options available.


  • Receive the information, images and videos for web pages

05. Development

We have the master plan, now it’s time to put it into action. We use our expertise to build your website. Using all the latest techniques, we like to build our websites on WordPress┬áso making it so you don’t need to contact us everytime you need something changing on the website.


  • The building of the website
Web Design Code
Search Engine Optimisation

06. Testing

The site has been built, so we now begin stress testing your website. We make sure it works on all devices, whether it is mobile or on a desktop browser and make sure your website is integrated with all your social media, fast and well optimised for search engines.


  • Bug testing
  • Making sure the website works on all modern browsers and mobile devices
  • Ensuring the website is optimised for speed and search engines.

07. Launch

Just because we have created the website, doesn’t mean our support ends. We will continue to monitor your website to make sure no unwanted bugs appear and everything is running smoothly.

We also put into place our hosting and maintenance plans if you decide you want continued development.


  • Continuously making sure the website is operating correctly

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