There is a saying in design that the best fonts are the ones that you don’t notice. It’s absolutely correct. Think about some of the worlds biggest brands, and then think about there logo and website. You don’t notice the font, right? But pretty much all the time, it’s sets the scene.

A good font creates an atmosphere amongst a project. It’s the little details that go into a picture, it won’t completely make the project but it’s the icing on the cake if the correct font is used.

So, which one should you go for? There is plenty of choice. There is literally thousands of different fonts to chose from in places like Google Fonts, Font Squirrel & Font Spring. However, it has to be the right one. This great infographic created by Urban Fonts can help you along the way to picking the perfect font for your project and differentiate the difference between Serif & Sans Serif font styles.

Serif vs Sans Serif: The Final Battle [Infographic]

Serif vs San Serif Infographic

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