You have a nice website with some excellent content. All the ingredients for a great website. But you are missing something, where are those hordes of visitors you had expected?

You have probably heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Succesful SEO ensures a high position in Google’s organic search results, which will lead to more visitors. It’s easy to rank high, right? Well, not as easy as you think.

I will go through some key tips on how you can effective write SEO content for your website that will make you easier for people to find you on search engines.

Use the right SEO keywords

It’s important that your website targets the right group of people, so make sure you know which target words to use. A student will look for a completely different words than an experienced professional. The same applies to business and private searchers.

Move into your target audience and make a keyword search. You can, for example, gain ideas through the menu structure of your website. Next, look for suggestions for new keywords by seeing which keyword suggestions Google shows as you do a search.

SEO Text

Write content

The preliminary work has been done and now the real work can begin! What should you pay attention to when writing some content for your website?

Create unique content

The more unique content you create, the easier your content will be found on Google.

Keep it readable

Make sure you keep your target audience in mind. The most important thing is to keep your text readable. You can do this by adding subheadings, lists and images.

Keyword Density

Thanks to your keyword research earlier on, you know which keywords to use on your website. Google uses those keywords to rank your website. Make sure you use them, but be careful not to ram them in every time you possibly can just to ensure you end up higher in the results.

Page Structure

Not only what you write is important, but the structure of your page is too. Make sure that your meta tags are set up in the right way


The title of your page is the first thing you see in the search results. Both your visitors and Google are looking for recognition and relevance, so make sure that your most important keyword comes back in the title.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Your URL is an important factor. Many users look at the URL to see if it is reliable, and again: Make sure you include an important keyword.

Image alt-tags

Google does not see your images, but it instead reads it’s alt-tag to determine what it is. That’s why it’s important to include alt-tags on your images.

H1, H2 and H3 tags

Make sure you use H1, H2 and H3 tags to format the title of your page and subheadings. The higher the number of the H tag, the more important the text. In addition, they provide a nice structure for your visitor.

Keep updating

By following those simple steps, you should be on your way to achieve higher search engine results. However, you have to keep going! Make sure you keep your website up-to-date by adjusting your current content and creating new content.

A reason blogs are so popular on websites is because it’s a great way to keep adding content to your website, so if you can get one, make sure you do!

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