Spam tastes horrible. No, not that Spam! The really annoying one… WordPress forum spam. Anyone that has been a forum administrator will recognize some of the main culprits.

“Cool post. I wrote one similar at [insert link here]. Check it out!”

“Great idea, [user name]. I wrote about this at length on my blog [insert link here].”

Spam is pretty easy to spot, it’s usually bots that are trying to get as many backlinks to their shady website. However, because they are easy to spot, they are usually easy to detect too.

With many modern WordPress plugins and techniques, it can take just a couple of minutes to remove spam from your WordPress forum forever.

Don’t Remove rel=”nofollow”

This one is the quickest. While it won’t remove spam, it certainly discourages people from posting spam on your WordPress forum or website.

WordPress by default adds rel=”nofollow” to any links in forum posts or comments. It’s fairly simple, this means when a Search Engine is indexing your website, it won’t follow the link that has been posted. This means you won’t get any spam comments like the examples above, as you are not giving the posts weight in search engines.

Password Protect your Forum

If you are a fairly popular forum, it’s never a bad idea to password protect the forum content. It will really help you with spam, but it does cause it’s only problems.

An example of the downsides to password protecting a forum is Google cannot crawl your page, so the content won’t show up on search engines.

Useful Plugins

Of course, these are the easiest ways to stop spam – as the plugin will do it for you.

Spammers are pretty savvy though, they will always find ways around firewalls and security measures. However because WordPress is open source, plugin creators are constantly updating their security to stop spam.

Here are some good examples that will stop spam on your WordPress forum.



This plugin is a premium WordPress plugin, meaning it has a cost to it. It costs around £22, so it’s not a lot for the security it will provide you.

The biggest positive for this plugin is not that it just protects you from the evil spam bots, but it also doesn’t include any CAPTCHAs and security questions.

WP-SpamShield has a great reputation for customer support and quality, with a wide range of integration across WordPress.


Everyone that has used WordPress probably recognises this. It’s one of the default WordPress plugins that comes with every fresh install of WordPress.

However, this is certainly something you want your WordPress forum to have. It does what it says on the tin and is a very efficient plugin.

Does Spam ever stop?

Well, the short answer is… No. If somebody could eradicate spam from the internet tomorrow, I am sure they would be a very popular person.

No tool will do it alone, you might need to do a few things to get the right formula that works for your website. Thankfully, there is a lot of options around and the WordPress community will always be around to help you.

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