What is ‘Google AdWords’? It’s simple. Google AdWords is an online advertising service that let’s advertisers display specific words and links on a search engine, targeted at specific individuals. If you have been on Google, you have problem seen one, or even clicked one.

Adverts are often shown as ‘sponsored links’ that appear either on the top, or the right hand side of Google’s search results.

It is a really good method at getting more relevant visitors to your website through advertising, that’s why it’s so popular. But how does it all work and how do you create a Google AdWords campaign? Well, it’s pretty easy actually.

Getting Started

To start a Google AdWords campaign, you need a Google Account. A Google Account is always linked to an e-mail address. A Google email address (Gmail) is already a Google Account by default.

You may already have a Google Analytics or Google My Business account. The e-mail address associated with it is your Google Account. It’s best to use this to start with Google AdWords.

Opening an account

When you first go to ads.google.com, you get a screen to start using Google AdWords. Click on the green “start now” button and log in with the Google Account you created earlier.

Decide your budget

The budget is pretty important. You don’t want to spend too much, equally you don’t want to spend too little. It’s about finding the sweet spot.

As an example, you could set the budget as £1. That will take your monthly spending to £30 per month, which can be adjusted as you go.

Finding your target

Advertising is no good if you are targeting the wrong people. You should know your ideal customer, within Google AdWords you can advertising within a country, a county, a post code or a radius around your business.

You also have an option to target a specific keyword. Keywords are suggested by Google based on your website URL, or you can set your own keywords. It’s important to get this right, as you could end up wasting money.

Cost per click

Now that you have your target customer, you need to set an amount that you want to bid on a keyword. For example, we would recommend to not go above £1 per click, so you would never pay more than that when somebody clicks on your advertisement.

Create your advertisement

The final step is to write your text advertisement. This ad will show up when somebody searches for the keyword you have targeted.

You will need to enter a URL that the advertisement links too, set a heading and information.

Ready to go live

After you have completed this, you are good to go and can put your Google AdWords campaign live. It’s important to keep your eye on the campaign to see if it’s working as intended. Remember, you can go back and adjust any step as you go.

Do you need help setting up a Google AdWord’s campaign? Head over to our contact page or better yet, drop me and email directly (nick@trentdigital.com) and i’ll be sure to help you out