In this dummies guide, I take a look at one of the most popular design styles ‘Flat UI (User Interface) design’. This awesome infographic created by Kerry helps explain the basic concepts of Flat UI design.

There are many types of user interface designs. They give your website a consistency and a great look. Design trends are changing every day and it’s important for web and graphic designs to keep up to the latest techniques otherwise they will get left behind and create an outdated product. Just look at websites from 2011, it was only 6 years ago but you can instantly recognize a web page that is outdated, unless it was ahead of it’s time of course.

Flat UI is a great concept that gives a minimal look to specific parts of a web page, that allows people to differentiate between Flat UI and other user interface designs. There is no depth, gradients or shadows in Flat design. It’s pretty self explanatory, everything looks flattened on a web page and nothing floats out the page. Layouts are often simple and clearly organised with no shocks or surprises. The titles are often bold, clear and in your face and the color schemes are often muted colors. The pages commonly include minimalist icons that match the color scheme and any animations on the page are often just simple CSS transitions.

It creates a great look and feel to the website. It gives web pages a simple but pleasing on the eye appearance which is why it’s one of the most popular web techniques.

The Basic Concepts of Flat UI [Infographic]

Flat UI

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