Some Graphic Designers argue that the most important part of a logo is a good and relevant font. Some of the most iconic logos are made iconic because of their unique font style. Coca-cola, for example, is one of the best and most recognisable logos around because of the font, which is instantly noticed by pretty much anybody and really gives the brand a unique flavour.

In this blog, I take a look at 5 completely free fonts that will give your logo a little bit of character and style.


This vintage and unique font gives a creative feel with it’s brushstrokes that will add a great effect to your logo.

Steelworks Font


Primitiva Slab

This readable, hand-drawn style not only looks good, but creates a great effect when placed on a textured background.

Primitiva Slab


Che’s Bone

Everything about this is unique. The font was made specifically for her dog! The font creator was quoted as saying: “My dog loves bones. I experimented with this font for Che and other dog lovers. It has round edges and condensed skinny forms. The corner of each letter has a bone shape which is Che’s favorite part”.

Che's Bone



This is my personal favourite. The style is in the name, it’s a typoface made simply of ribbons. It’s pretty cool and very unique.

Ribbon Font



Cover your eyes! Cover your eyes! It’s blinding. Not really, but it is pretty “jazzy”. It is the type of typeface you would see on top of a casino and it’s pretty cool.

Budmo Font


Hopefully these awesome fonts will help you add a unique feel and look to your project. They are all free, but be sure to read the license of the font if you are using them for commercial use, just incase!

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